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Jonas has had quite the different experience at Corbin Fisher. Jonas was recruited by his girlfriend, Addison, who he ended up fucking on Amateur College Sex, and then, he tag-teamed her again with another guy in a second scene. It wasn't until Jonas's fourth scene that he actually had sex with a guy. For the his next two scenes, Jonas fucked guys and did a pretty good job, but then, fucking is fucking right?

Jonas has been pretty cool about it all, especially since he knows that his girlfriend knows everything he's doing. A lot of straight guys might be okay with banging a guy's butt, but probably wouldn't want their girlfriend to know, especially if they actually enjoyed it.

This week, however, Jonas is going all the way. He's getting his ass fucked for the first time. Jonas bends over the armrest of the sofa and Connor eats his ass. He loves Connor's tongue and fingers and his hole is definitely getting used to this. Jonas gets down on all fours and Connor starts sliding his stiff cock deep inside Jonas's rosebud. Jonas takes Connor's cock just fine, but Jonas is a bit of a noisy guy when he's getting plowed. Jonas takes over and actually sits on Connor's cock. He's on the train to Pound Town, guys, and it's full steam ahead.

Connor flips Jonas over on his back and keeps fucking him. Jonas blasts his load with Connor pumping his ass. Jonas is covered in cum, but Connor still has his load to add. By the time this is over, Jonas is a wet, sticky mess, but he did enjoy getting fucked. Maybe he'll be asking Addison to buy a strap-on.

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