Don't these two guys look like they just got out of prison and they're looking for trouble. This is Tinman and Miguel, 24 and 19 years old. They both appeared on Circle Jerk Boys before, each starting off with solos. And then, as these two straight guys ease into the posing nude for gay men think, they start to think about the cash they can earn. When you're young, it's all about the bling, right? Tinman's about to become a father and he could use some extra cash to pay for the bills, so when CJB proposes pairing him up with Latino thugboy Miguel, he's all good. Once the guys get naked, Tinman gets down on his knees and gives Miguel's bone a taste. He's got a nice cock, not too big, perfect for a straight boy who isn't used to sucking cock. Tinman gets off his knees and gives Miguel a kiss. Miguel figures that any guy who has been sliding on his bone deserves a little lip action, too. Tinman gets back down and gives Miguel some more head, but this time he starts playing with the homeboy's butt hole. Ah, you know where this is going. And you'd be right. Miguel is going to get on all fours and see how a cock feels inside his ass. Judging by the load he shoots, I think he didn't mind it.

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