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College Dudes 23/7 started up in January of this year. Three guys who liked college-aged guys bought a camera, and started filming guys jacking off in their livingroom. And believe it or not, that's how a lot of Internet gay porn sites are born. And I have to say that College Dudes has some of the cutest college guys I've seen for a while. This pairing is Sterling and Jason. Sterling is the one with the cock up his ass; he's 22 years old, stands 5'8" and weighs a lean 155 pounds. Sterling did a solo bust a nut video and was very popular, so they had him back to try a fuck scene with another guy. That would be Jason: 20 years old, 6'1, 155 pounds, and a born Irishman. Poor Sterling, he's just a wee thing, really, and Jason's cock is so big. Jason's got not only a long cock, but it's very thick, too. There's this great photo from their video where Sterling is bend over an ottoman and Jason is sliding his big hard cock all the way home; Sterling has the "oh fuck, this guy's cock is huge" look on his face, and Jason has a "oh fuck, this guy's tight hole feel great on my big cock" look on his. It's a great photo. And it's a hot video. Sterling shoots a nice load of cum all over his belly with Jason's huge cock up his butt.

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