fucking a hairy wrestler

Trent Diesel is a hot, athletic guy with a ripped body and some nice tattoo work. He's returning to the Naked Kombat wrestling ring with a record of 1:0. He won his first bout, and that gave him the prize of getting his opponent on his knees servicing Trent's hot cock. Trent is determined to get another win this time. Trent is matched against beefy Patrick Rouge, who is a veteran fighter with a record of 4:3. While Patrick has more fighting experience here at Naked Kombat, it's no match for Trent's determination and Patrick can not finish the rest of the match.

Hairy, bald man Alex Slater enters the ring as a substitute. Alex stands 5'9" and weighs in at 185 pounds. He has no professional fighting experience, but feels that growing up on the streets of New York City has prepared him for a good fight. He was wrong! The two men wrestle, but Alex is struggling. Time and again Trent pins Alex to the mats, grips him in painful leg holds, and wraps his whole body around the hairy man like a vice. And in the end the game is called and Trent has one another match. As the loser Alex has to get on his knees and let the victor claim his prize. Trent force feeds Alex a mouthful of cock before plugging his ass hard. Humiliation can be so sweet!

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