fucking a blond jock

The last time we saw Nicholas and his curly blond hair, he was fucking ass in what was a first-time, guy-on-guy experience for both guys. Check out Two First Timers and you'll see that he clearly enjoyed it. But over at Corbin Fisher, you don't get to fuck ass unless you're willing to get fucked. When Nicholas and Elijah strip naked and Nicholas lies back on the bed, Elijah is down between his legs sucking his dick in no time flat. The Nicholas takes his turn, and being he's so new at the guy-on-guy sex thing, Elijah guides him with some cocksucking instructions. This really seems to turn Nicholas on; he even slides his tongue in between Elijah's tight butt cheeks.

Nicholas was a little nervous during this video because he's heard quite a lot from the other guys that Elijah likes to fuck hard. Of course Nicholas doesn't make it easy on himself. For his very first fuck Nicholas decides to sit on Elijah's stiff cock. Sheez ... didn't anyone think to tell Nicholas that's the worst position? You want to work up to riding a dick. But in the end the guys get it right. Elijah fucks Nicholas missionary style and the blond jock creams his abs.

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