Fuckin' Around The House - New On DVD

Lavender Lounge Studios has released their 11th DVD offering and their first DVD in High Definition. "Fuckin' Around The House" is four couplings that all take place in a household setting with mostly natural lighting.

"With the re-launch of the Lavender Lounge website in December 2011, one of the criteria was that all new footage had to be in HD", said Producer/Director Mark Kliem. "I realize it's pretty late in the game to switch to HD, but after working with vintage 8mm footage for so long, I just assumed that my $2500 Standard Definition camera was still sufficient for shooting new scenes. Once I got over the fear of shooting with memory cards instead of video tape, I'm glad I made the switch."

The cast of "Fuckin' Around the House" includes familiar names as well as newcomers, and skews toward the hairier, more muscle-bound masculine type men.

Alessio Romero and Dirk Caber are a pair of happy husbears that take a break from domestic duties to flip-fuck on the kitchen counter. Muscle stud Derrick Hanson breaks in newcomer Cy Stone as he plows the tattooed punk boy in the living room. Tommy Lazzari and Lance Navarro are a couple in real life who wanted to document their big-dicked love making for posterity. AndDerrick Hanson returns with Dane Coraggio to put even more cum stains on the blue couch before it was declared a Toxic Waste Dump.

Please Note: All scenes included in Lavender Lounge's "Fuckin' Around The House" are also available for viewing on the Lavender Lounge website, with additional photo galleries, too!

Box cover for Fuckin' Around The House

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