Fucking Machine Sex

Ari is the latest horny, muscle stud to take on the fucking machines. After a hard workout at the gym, Ari returns home all horned up and pumped full of testosterone. He heads for the bedroom and intends to stuff a few toys up his ass and jerk off. The dildos are feeling really good in his ass; and he's wishing he had someone there to slam a hard fuck into him. Lucky Ari is connected with Butt Machine Boys. He goes over to the closet and pulls out The Intruder. He gets down on all fours, aims his well-lubed rosebud at the machine, and clicks the remote control. The Intruder starts pumping into Ari's ass. He's loving it. His face is buried in a pillow, he's spreading his butt cheeks with his hands, and he's just loving the gentle swaying of the machine's cock in and out of his hole. As he becomes more relaxed, he starts playing with the remote control's speed until the huge dildo from the Dragon pounds his muscled hole fast and hard -- hard enough for him to explode all over his abs!

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