Fuck Yeah Sixth Scale

Originality should be applauded, and Fuck Yeah Sixth Scale deserves a standing ovation. You don't have to be a lover of fantasy stories or even scale models to appreciate this site, it's such a weird and wonderful mix it's going to amuse and please everyone. For a start, our hosts have a thing about small, and so this is a 'homoerotic web comic of smaller proportions'. That doesn't just mean shots of guys with small dicks, though there are plenty of them, it also means small scale modelling. But then that doesn't mean model railways or dolls houses (though they may well feature) it means anatomically correct (almost) male dollls of the Ken and Billy kind, posed, dressed and set in scaled rooms and photographed. These are then made into on-going sexual adventures with erotic build ups, characters and stories; and yes, from time to time, sex with cum shots, too. How's it done? You'll have to go to Fuck Yeah Sixth Scale and have a look to find out!

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