50 bucks for the rear view of these happy fellas. I'm guessing it would kind of look like some deviled eggs pigs in a blanket combo platter. But let's get to the true focus here. Who has the best mangina? In advance of the premier of (and onslaught of recaps about) RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6, (in which tucking also happens but is covered by fabric), this contest will have to do.

Starting from our left:

Mangina one is too coy. A side view just doesn't give full mangina. His smirk betrays a lack of confidence. While normally underwear around the ankles is a cute look, here is just screams insecurity.

Mangina two is attempting a bodybuilder pose. Note the bicep flex. He also makes an impressive slit. It's symmetrical and endearing. The smile is goofy and he has a thick jock neck. He's in the running.

Mangina three is delightfully asymmetrical. Perfection is boring anyhow, plus this adds a layer of believability. He's the most naked of all of them, but for his ankle bracelet. Points for eye intensity. Reduction of points for a squarecut tanline. A bikini tanline would be much better. But overall, nice cunt on this one.

Mangina four is really showing a slitless mangina (aka a penis base). The thumbs up is adorable and also is his way of asking to be fingerfucked. He's standing in the most feminine manner and has cute cheeks. He's making picking a winner so difficult.

Okay, have you picked your winner? I have. Mangina orgy with the three guys on the right. And the sorry fucker on the left cleans up after.

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