Fuck Yeah, Jewish Men

It's not updated every day but Fuck Yeah, Jewish Men is well worth coming back to from time to time. It's a collection of images of Jewish guys, naturally, and these guys are actors, names, models, ordinary guys from the street and, well, anyone who fits the bill. Robert Downey Junior appears in gifs, there are photos of Paul Newman and Daniel Radcliffe. Really? Yes, apparently. Ah, someone has seen those photos from Equus and so we glean that as long as there is no foreskin the guys must be Jewish, I get it. Anyway, this is a well-established blog with loads of followers, notes and comments to check out, and hundreds of images as well. You'll have a high old time scrolling back through the archives and catching neat images of guys, and ladies, too, but don't expect nudity. At least, I didn't see any. Just page after page of cute and sexy guys, some known some not, but all with a Jewish look.

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