Fuck Yeah Beer Bellies

Continuing the FY (Fuck Yeah) series, here's Fuck Yeah Beer Bellies, a blog that's dedicated to guys with spare tires, men who are overweight around the middle and who have clearly had an awful lot of beer in their time. Or maybe not, as some of these guys weren't as gut-heavy as you might think from the title. I guess we're not looking at the Benidorm summer vacation types, the dart players and those really dedicated to a life of pints and pies. We're looking at a set of images (and clips) from all over the net showing us all kinds of guys who have a paunch. Guys caught on cam in the street, guys posing, the larger male model, chunky chappies, guys who look a bit pregnant and yes, for real chubby chasers there are some who are very overweight. I had to scroll a long way down to get to any text, but there is some though this is mainly an image led blog that updates every now and then; it's not a daily or weekly one, but then who's counting? Obviously not some of these guys, they're not even counting calories. Which means that finally, at last, we've found a good place for a nice change from men with abs and six packs.

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