Fuck Yeah Armpits

The subtitle says it all here: A collection of the beautiful and mysteriously sexy crevice we all call the armpit. And that, folks, is what Fuck Yeah Armpits is all about. What lies beneath, I have to say, it is not the most frequently updated blog or site, but it does hold some of the most erotic armpit shots I've seen. They go so far as to call some of the photography 'homography' here, with dazzling black and white shots of some supermodels. There are close-ups concentrating on the hair, the surroundings body area and some very intuitive and unusual shots of arms and pits, too. This is a stylish blog as opposed to some sites I've seen that are more sleaze and sex. This one obviously has a genuine passion for the area and for its work and only puts up quality images. Maybe that's why it doesn't bombard you with just any old shots every day for the sake of it; it waits for the perfect armpit erotica and photography to come along and then posts it, and it is well worth waiting for.

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