The crew from Epic Men went down to Florida to shoot a porn video at a famous live cam house down there, and it worked out so well that they went back to do this one. They called 18 year old Brian to join them. He drove down from North Carolina to help put on a show with Enrique - and did the two of them put on a show! I decided to start off by showing you a pic of Enrique's throbbing hard cock buried in Brian's tight 18 year old ass, his hand gently holding Brian exactly where he wants him.

Things started out well. The Epic Men photographer took Brian and Enrique to the beach and let them spend time getting to know each other. They hit it off well with plenty of chemistry, and couldn't resist making out a little.


But once the foreplay was over, things got a lot hotter! Enrique proved to be a very demanding top with a voracious sexual appetite who didn't waste a lot of time letting Brian adjust before he started pounding his hole.


Brian was very turned on by the aggressive way that Enrique plowed his ass, and soon Brian was taking every inch of Enrique's massive rod all the way to the root!


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