Big Bellied Bear

One thing I try to do in my blogs is to show that all kinds of men can be hot. I can get just as turned on by the smooth and well-built jocks of Corbin Fisher as I can by a big bellied bear like Boyd. I never did really have a particular type of guy; I find all kinds of men turning me on: skinheads; uncut Eastern European men; skinny and young skateboarders; older, grey-haired men; muscle men, and yes, hairy bears. Why limit yourself to just one type? The world is a huge buffet, so get out there and eat. And fuck Jenny Craig and her diet. When you see the pictures of Boyd's big, fat ass, there's no way you'd want him losing a pound. Two big massive but well-shaped butt cheeks. You just want to spread those fuckers and taste yourself some bear. And when you're down lubing up his hairy fuck hole with your tongue, climb on top of this big fucker and see if you can push you cock inbetween those butt cheeks of his. And wait until you see this fucker shoot his load. He blasts a stream of cum right up that big belly with the final drops landing on his tits. You haven't lived until you've felt the full weight of a big hairy bear pumping his cock into your ass. So go on, you know you want to ... next time your out, pick up a big bear man and have yourself a hot, sweaty time.

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