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Sam Rivers submitted his photos to UK Naked Men a couple of weeks ago. And they were anxious to get his hot ass up on the site, so they arranged a photo shoot pronto. Sam is a cute guy with sparkling eyes and a devilish grin. And if you look closely, you'll see this British guy has a nasty side to him. Check out his sneer as he's playing with his nipples. Sam is dancer, so he's got a lean body and he's covered in fine hair, too. But as all dancers do, Sam has a hot pair of legs and a firm, round, fuckable ass. Sam keeps his fuck hole shaved smooth, and this always drives me crazy. I love rolling my tongue around a smooth rosebud, slipping my tongue in and out of his manhole. And Sam has a delicious butt. I love seeing him down on all fours with his ass arched in the air, waiting - practically pleading - for a hard fucking. And wait until you see Sam fingering his foreskin. It's hot!

Hot Fuckable Ass

Fuck My Ass

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