Alexsander Freitas Fucks Tyler Sweet with A Mop Custodians Fury

In the world of gay porn someone is always out there looking for the next BIG thing. It could be the next sexy new model, or it could be the model with the biggest cock or the juiciest ass; no matter what, gay porn will always try to keep things interesting and hot!

Well, you can file this one under one of the more "interesting" things in gay porn. In a new scene from, tanned and delicious hottie Alexsander Freitas fucks lusciously lean Tyler Sweet with a mop! Yes, you read that right a M-O-P. Now, not only will it get your floors nice and shiny but it will also clean your hole out real good - after all, dual-purpose cleaners were always the best kinds of cleaning products!

Alexsander Freitas tops Tyler Sweet rough gay sex

In this new scene, Alexsander play the school janitor and Tyler is the naughty student that stays after school to get what he deserves - and apparently that is not only getting fucked by Alexsander's hot Latino cock but also a lovely yellow mop, as well! It was always one of my fantasies to get rammed by a slutty janitor... minus the mop fucking, that is!

So now, over to all you horny fuckers! What has been the most "out there" of sex toys that you have all used? Have you ever looked at YOUR mop and dripped with desire? Or maybe there is another kitchen utensil that tickles your fancy! Let's hear it!

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