Edji Da Silva Jonathan Agassi

Just when you thought you had truly seen it all! Recently we showed you how Latin stud Alexsander Freitas fucked horny Tyler Sweet with a mop and this week we have another "interesting" object being shoved up a gay slut's ass.

This time Edji Da Silva shoves a banana (sans the peel, of course) into Jonathan Agassi' s ass in a scene for a new Lucas Entertainment flick, "Push it Out." A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just show you this:

Edji Da Silva shoves a banana up Jonathan Agassi's ass

How is that banana staying hard - Viagra? I mean, most bananas I've eaten are usually quite soft. Jesus, there were soooo many puns in that last sentence, I seriously don't even know where to begin! But of course this is not just a "fuck me with a banana" flick, there is also plenty of water sports and hard core fucking! I gotta hand it to Lucas Entertainment for keeping things fresh, and yes - I'm talking about more than just that banana!

Oh the gays, whatever will we think of next!?

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