Jack and Kyle are not boyfriends - they're friends who fuck, and there's a big difference. I guess you could call them fuck buddies. Whatever you call them, when they're horny and not fucking other people, they can always get together and that's exactly what they did for their video for You Love Jack. And even looking at this closeup of Jack's firm round ass impaled by Kyle's cock, you can get an idea of how comfortable these two guys are together and how good they've gotten at doing each other when it comes to sex.

The second they got the video camera rolling in the privacy of Jack's bedroom, the guys were all over each other. They went for each others' cocks, sucking passionately to give each other pleasure.


Horny Jack can't wait any longer. He mounts his friend's dick and lets it fill his hungry asshole. Once he's had a moment to adjust, he rides that pole as he strokes his own hot rod.


After they've had one hot fuck, Kyle wants to cum - and he doesn't have to say a word. Jack is ready with his mouth open and his eyes glued on Kyle's cock as Kyle jerks himself off all over his friend's face!


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