I love fuck faces. In fact, I think just an ecstatic look is a lot of times hotter than a hardcore close-up. The look on a guy's face while he's showing how good his cock feels buried in another guy's ass is ball bustingly hot. Brent and Ryan are two of the latest Corbin Fisher guys and they're having a good time in this flip flop scene. Corbin admits himself that he doesn't do a lot of flip flop scenes -- one guy fucking the other and then getting fucked himself, but after shooting this Ryan and Brent scene, he's inspired to shoot more of them. And I can't agree more. I think a versatile guy is one of the biggest turn-ons. Sure, I love buried my face in a pillow and getting my ass plowed for a long time by a hot top. And I'm not a top by any means, but it sure is a turn-on when a guy pulls his dick out of my ass and says, "I want you to fuck me," especially when I never expected it. Ryan and Brent takes turns fucking one another doggy and missionary style, and they sure give some good fuck faces for the camera. You're going to bust one over these two.

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