ex football player ootball player Jonathan De Falco AKA Stany Falcone

Ex-professional football player Jonathan De Falco certainly knows how to come out! This Belgian hottie quit playing football for Racing Mechelen after suffering a sports injury, and decided that his destiny called out for cock. Now that is my kind of destiny!

Jonathan (who goes by the porn name Stany Falcone) says that he has had a boyfriend for several months; that he had girlfriends in the past but was always attracted to men. Stany also says that he was never in the closet but just never made it public of what he did in his private life.

It seems as though fans have really taken to this hunk as he has already been nominated for "Best New Comer" in this year's Hustla-Ball Awards. So far, he has worked with UK Naked Men and Hard Brit Lads and I'm sure that we will all be seeing tons more of this hot dude with a very, but I mean very, sexy accent.

So, sports fans today's score goes something like this:

World Football =0 Gay Porn =1

Now, don't you wish EVERY football match ended this way!?

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