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Frisky News is a twink blog, sometimes referred to as Frisky News Twink Blog. What it is in the end is a very damned sexy blog. It is also far more than just another blog scrolling pictures and episodes drawn from pay-sites, but is, rather, sporting really intriguing sections like "Movie Reviews", a forum for message boarders, a "Model Directory" and a cool "Frisky Fans Newsletters". All of these different roles and sections of the blog represent some hard work and very smart designing. While the forum is ambitious as hell and has a dearth of replies, the viewership is actually rather large, based on stats I saw. People go, in other words, even if they don't comment. Generally, this complex site fills various needs for a surfer - and the fact that it is well-written and intelligent matters a lot. I enjoyed scrolling everywhere and perhaps especially checking out the movie review section. But the blog, per se, with its hot pictures and those episodes I may seem to dismiss are not bad at all. LOL, in fact, they are supremely hot. This is an ambitious and wholly interesting visit for anyone who enjoys gay male porn and who likes people who definitely enjoy other people. There's a great vibe here.

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