Executive Blowjob

Alejandro and Dorian have been friends for years, but they've actually never had sex. So when Men at Play approached this duo about taking their friendship to another level, they jumped at the chance. Alejandro is a bisexual, Argentinian stud. And the first time he showed up at Men at Play to do a solo video he caused quite a stir amongst the staff. He's got one of the most beautiful 9-inch, uncut dicks you've ever seen. And more than a couple of the staffers were volunteering for fluffing duties. But ultimately, it was Alejandro's friend Dorian who got to slobber all over this huge cock, and the Men at Play staff had to be content to live vicariously through this sizzling video. The two men are suited up in the best suits Men at Play has, and then, Dorian starts rubbing his face in Alejandro's crotch. Before this movie ends and these two men dump their huge loads, you'll see Dorian swallow his buddy's huge cock with both his mouth and his ass. And after this sizzling scene, I'm betting these buddies are going to become friends with benefits.

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