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London has a fagalicious selection of gay pubs, bars and clubs to go to any day of the week. You can get your gay on pretty much every day, but of course the biggest night of all is still Friday!

One of the sexiest porn studs in the biz, Jay Roberts, has teamed up with one of the best clubs in the U.K, Lo-Profile, and they have created a night that captures Soho's uber-gay energy and a whole lot more!

"Society" is a night that caters to all those that wanna break free from the stress of the week, check out hot go-go boys wearing next to nothing and last but deffo not least, dance the night away on a cloud of NuFunk heaven!

A muscled-up Jay Roberts hosts the night, and of course he is there to mingle, dance and look fucking HOT! Jay has said that this night is different from all other nights in Soho not only because of the gorgeous hunks the night pulls in but the music is what makes this night a complete and utter stand-out!

So let me get this straight - hot music, hunky dudes AND porn hottie Jay Roberts hosting the night? Holy porn jizz! A gay's dream really can cum true!

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