For the past several updates Corbin Fisher has been getting the regular gang of straight and gay jocks together for various kinds of suck and fuck fun -- even a five-man gang bang. But with the except of one new guy, there really hasn't been any new meat at Corbin Fisher. Until today. Denton arrived this morning and he's hot! And furthermore, I predict that Denton will be making further appearances in his Corbin Fisher education. Denton just oozes Corbin Fisher -- he's good looking, lean and well-built, friendly with a great smile. He embodies everything that Corbin Fisher himself looks for in a college jock. Within a month, Denton will be back getting his first gay blowjob, I'm sure of it. But for now we'll have to be content to watch Denton jack off in this solo video clip. Once Denton gets naked, he lies back on the bed against the head board and gets his cock nice and hard. But when he's really excited, he really prefers to be on his knees, so he kneels on the bed and finishes the deed. And he's not worried about impressing the boss, when he's ready to cum, he lets it fly all over Corbin Fisher's bedspread. Oh well, bedspreads can be washed. I look forward to seeing more of Denton, and especially can't wait to see him getting that cute, hard ass of his fucked.

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