Fresh Hotness is a combo blog and an interesting one. Well-researched explorations by this guy have yielded pictures and scenes I have not encountered elsewhere, not that I am that good at either memory or investigation. But I have been around some, if nothing else checking out some of the more important celebrity blogs. I particularly enjoyed his "Hottest Men of 2008" which included a hilarious and fairly sweet look at John Mayer sporting his Borat Man Bikini. John is of course hot, both musically and in person and he did all this with - thank goodness - a smile. It was pretty funny actually and I wanted to give a shout out to the author as in: "Good find!" The mix of this combination site also carries substantial good plain amateur porn - always appealing and always hard core. It's a ballsy mix, hard core porn and celebrity photo's. It caters to a specific crowd, for certain, and they will be most pleased to find two such interesting and compelling subjects under one roof, as it were. Unreservedly gay and always fresh, this is an important little blog with a lot going for it.

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