They say that videos are the future in adult entertainment. I don't know, but after checking out this site, I'll settle for more of this than some of the video's I have watched lately.

I mean I like sex, but what you get in most videos sure is what I'd call crap. It leaves nothing to the imagination, and frankly just isn't very good. I mean if I pulled that kind of shit with a date, I'd get tossed out of bed. Now Freeze Moon isn't a video, it's a Hentai Cartoon site, and the opening is damn good.

You do need Flash but most browsers have it. The other stuff isn't so hot, other than the galleries. Now there are some mighty fine drawings, mostly with a leather theme to it that is just, well, damn arousing. It gets the mind thinking, the possibilities flashing in the old noggin, that well, might not get a hard on but sure could.

To say they are suggestive is an understatement, but you know, its damn entertaining. Want something different too.

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