Freeality is a resource for all those who are open minded. However, we'll just feature the "gay" section as this is a gay blog. There isn't a huge influence on porn here, which is a bit different. I mean, as perverted as we all are, sex is not everything. Don't tell anyone I said that please. LOL.

What is displayed here are loads and loads of resources centering around us homosexuals. "Gay & Lesbian Personals", "Gay Search Engines", "Women's Resources" and much more. The site is simply laid out but just as easy to use. Just put in any keywords you can think of that match what you're looking for and you're on you way. The folks that run this site have obviously done their homework as the responses I got were many. Looking to your left you'll see even more things you can search for. People, maps, travel accommodations etc. Freeality is just a massive search engine basically.

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