Free Speech Coalition is arguably the single most important organization representing the Adult Entertainment Industry. That there might be any question on this issue makes the Adult Industry that much better off. What this vitally-important website does is discuss legislation, lobbying efforts and issues germane to moral issues, Congressional debates, technological and business models which all work to make the industry a safer, saner and more profitable place to do business. It truly is something of a giant in the representation of the adult industry and the many varied ethical and moral arguments this industry finds itself in the midst of in this modern age. Sane and practical, the site releases the latest news on a regular basis, chosen from relevant issue-related items. There is a news archive, bursting with specific issues, taken from all sides. This web site advocates for all of our rights as business owners and for those rights of those among us who want to maintain access. They provide the argument that access remains a right of a discerning public. In this day of passionate and reductive religious and moral fervor, often offered in stultifying and moronic ways, their sane and reasonable voice remains a hallmark of patience and sobriety on societal issues which bother the more simplistic. As well, their takes on LGBT issues are of a cutting edge clarity which should be an example for all citizens, regardless of their own orientations.

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