Fred Hystere

Fred Hystere is, of course, an actually very nifty twist on the handle of one of the greatest male dancers of last century, Fred Astaire. But history this is not. This is a terrific blog in every way. The author of this fascinating and culturally-illuminating site is all about now. I very much enjoyed cruising here. Fred admits his goal is to provide diversion and humor, and he completes his task like a hard working man. We get a small confessional which goes very far towards why his perspective is so adamantly "humor-driven" and we sympathize and regard the blog as worthy as all hell. But he also really, really digs music and in spite of his long spiel on what had to be the absolute worst video in history, he will post anything he likes - or dislikes, as in this case. Very bold, Fred! God that was terrible! I hasten to add that his "Daily Dickhead" section is a no-holds-barred glimpse at simply awful persons who now teem with such profusion among us all these days that we welcome his gorgeous and hyper-critical dismissal of these rancid characters with all of our hearts and minds. Speaking out, admitting disgust, being angry and sad at some aspects of current events is deemed quite OK by this outspoken and high-quality man. I love me some Fred Hystere. You rock!

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