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I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out UK Naked Men this morning. I have long admired Fred Faurtin and his formidable uncut cock. He's a power top and one of my favourite gay porn stars. I sure didn't expect to see him on UK Naked Men, but I guess this big-dicked stud had some free time while visiting London. Fred has a beautiful body. It's well defined and he's sporting a fair patch of hair on his chest. I wouldn't mind if Faurtin were hairier, but with the meaty uncut cock swinging between his legs, I'll forgive him. When he strips down to his jockstrap, I'm mesmerized by his beefy, round ass. But I can't wait to see that stump of a cock. I've seen it plunging into many asses time and again in gay porn videos, but it's kind of nice seeing it standing all on its own. I like having some time to study that beautifully thick and uncut cock of his. And as I remembered, Faurtin's cock is deliciously thick and long enough to hit all the good spots.

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