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Fratmen sure knows how to pick 'em. This week's guy is Dustin and he sure packs a wallop in his package. And if you're into freckled guys, you're going to flip over Dustin. First, it doesn't look like it, but I'm betting that Dustin was a redhead when he was younger. Regardless of what happens up top, you can always tell a true redhead by what they've got going on in their bush, and Dustin has bright red pubes. Second, he's very freckled, which is a sure sign of a redhead. Dustin's arms are covered in freckles, and turn him over, and you'll find a lily white ass speckled with spots, too. And it's quite a nice ass, too -- two perfectly round globes of firm flesh. And when his cock is standing at full mast, it's deliciously long and nicely proportioned. This is definitely one dick you'd want to try and slide all the way down your throat. And you're going to enjoy this collegiate redhead greasing up that long pole and working it up into a shooting frenzy!

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