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Jesus H. Christ, Batman! Now that's a big cock! You know, it's funny how a really big cock can change your perspective on things. Malcolm didn't really do a lot more me when I first looked at him. I don't mind redheads or freckles, but I just found that he looked like a redheaded Joanie from Happy Days. Nothing worse than trying to get than image out of your head when you're trying to whack off! But when I saw Malcolm's long, slightly curved cock on Fratmen I had new visions dancing through my head. What a beautiful dick! Can you imagine getting down on your knees and trying to slide every damn inch of it down your throat? What is that? 9, maybe 10 inches long? Unfortunately his bio doesn't say, but I'm betting it's closer to 10 inches. And this freckled frat boy has been practicing his handling skills because he sure knows how to jack his meat. And of course Malcolm has all the markings of a redhead: freckles across his shoulders, arms and pecs, a fiery red bush at the base of that long cock, and pale, slightly pinkish skin. Wait until you see the load of spunk this freckled hunk shoots!

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