fratmen's trent

Trent has a lot going for him, and I'm betting that he's one of the more popular jocks on Fratmen. He's got a super fat cock and I imagine just about any cocksucker would enjoy nursing on his plump dick - I know I would. He doesn't just have a plump cock head, but his whole shaft thickens nicely just below his crown.

Trent also has a sexy, dark, thick bush of untrimmed pubes. And it turns me on thinking about burying my face in his crotch as I deep throat his dick.

Trent is a good-looking guy with a ripped physique. He really has a spectacular body - huge, bulging shoulders; chiseled pecs with a light dusting of fur; super ripped abs; but I'm really digging his thighs. His thighs are massive and with full, thick legs comes a hot, hard bubble bubble. In this video from Fratmen, Trent gets naked outdoors and his body glistens with sweat as he jerks his cock in the hot sun.

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