frathouse threeway

Benny is a hot and beefy frat boy and late one night he was feeling pretty horny, so he decided to head out and troll around campus to see if he could find someone to fuck his ass. Hanging out around the local 7-11 he found Grant, a ripped straight guy who was shirtless and clearly drunk. Grant was yelling at the customers, mostly chicks - he thought one of them might drag him home after hearing him screaming, "Hey! I like your tits." Drunk straight guys can be such morons at times.

Someone called the cops so Benny saw his opportunity and suggested that Grant come back to the frat house and chill out so he didn't get arrested. Benny figured if he kept the party going that he might be able to convince this straight college guy to fuck his ass. After all when a straight guy is drunk and horny, a hole is a hole.

When they arrived back at Fraternity X, they found Carter drinking by himself. Carter's another beefy college dude and he was definitely in the mood to fuck. After a few more drinks, Grant loosened up. The dicks came out and Benny got on his knees and sucked both Grant's and Carter's dicks. And as you can see, Benny got his ass fucked just like he wanted.

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