Meet Frank the Tank from Manifest Men. What a body this guy has! He's fucking incredible. Where did he get those hard, bulging muscles? Well, Frank the Tank is a 23 year old bodybuilder, power lifter and personal trainer. He lives, breathes, eats and sleeps bodybuilding - when he's not at home, you can find him at the gym. He's worked on his physique for years, always training harder to perfect himself. And I'd say he's come very close to perfection!

Frank says he loves a challenge, so it's no suprise that he got into competitive bodybuilding. He's taken home his share of prizes, too!


And Frank the Tank doesn't mind getting naked and showing off that body. In fact, he loves knowing people are looking at him, and is he ever worth looking at! You can see that his cock is as hard as his muscular body! Man, I can't get enough of Frank...

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