Frank Spinelli Md

The doctor is in, and Frank Spinelli, MD is no ordinary doctor. You know you've found a fun place to be when you are met with a white coat and pocket full of pens. The pens are the links, they jump up, click and announce where you are about to go, and you've got six of them to try. Frank is a specialist in gay men's health and HIV, and he has his own practice in Manhattan. Click the first pen to discover more about the doctor, click the third pen to find out more about his offices, the others take you to events, his books and links, but the special pen is the second one. This links you to Frank's blog where he shares his thoughts and his ideas with you. But he also puts up really useful posts about male health and all kinds of pertinent medical matters. Quirky, simple and informative, this is a great medical blog that's relevant. Oh, and the doc's a bit of a dish, too.

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