Traditional male movie stars are known for their looks, charm and virility. Think Paul Newman and Robert Redford in their prime. Now, the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York is making the case that porn superstar Francois Sagat is the new model for today's leading man. With his trademark tattooed scalp and buffed-up body, the 32-year-old stud has created a persona for himself that "redefines the notion of masculinity." At least according to filmmaker Christophe Honoré, who recently directed him in a movie. But while classic hearthrobs of the past, such as Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter, stayed in the closet to secure their place in Hollywood, Sagat is openly gay and overcoming stereotypes. The bald-headed hunk has done it all in his six years in the industry--working as an exclusive for both Raging Stallion and TitanMen; doing legit modeling for Paris Fashion Week; and even acting in mainstream productions, including Saw VI and the recent Bruce LaBruce thriller L.A. Zombie. MAD contends that, "in short, Sagat's foray as a male actor in French cinema directly challenges the traditional role of the male."

And what better way to celebrate all that übermasculinity than a three-day screening series at the museum (2 Columbus Circle), which kicks off November 18 with the U.S. premiere of Sagat: The Documentary. The film, directed by Pascal Roche and Jérôme M. De Oliveira, focuses on Sagat's approach to performance. And the star will be in attendance to introduce the movie and do a Q&A session afterward. The following day, November 19, the "Another Man" event features a master class with the man himself, in which Sagat will share his personal career experiences and reveal how he prepares for a role. (Push-ups!?) Later that day and on November 20, two of Sagat's films, Man at Bath and L.A. Zombie, will be screened to round out the weekend. Sounds like a fun-filled testosterone fest to us! For more information, visit

And in case you think Sagat is leaving porn work behind, Titan Men has just announced the release of Incubus, Sagat's first foray behind the camera in the role of creative director. The film was conceived, written, costumed and art directed by Sagat, who also plays the lead role as a man who journeys into a dreamy world where reality and fantasy are at odds. Incubus is the first in a two-part film series and will be released next month as Titan's holiday blockbuster. "I didn't want to make an art film with fucking," Sagat writes on his blog. "I think the movie is pretty accessible for people [who] are gonna watch it. It all looks very sensual, sexy, attractive, pleasant--and it's very...almost like you smoke some good joint." For more, go to


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