There have been gay dolls before, but never one with a tattooed head (as far as we know!). First, there was the Gay Bob doll, which came packaged in its very own closet (it was the 1970s!). Then there was the Billy doll, which was the basis of a colorful hard-core film from Studio 2000 titled Billy 2000: Billy Goes Hollywood in 1998. If we recall correctly, there were different versions of this musclebound plaything, such as Cowboy Billy and San Francisco Billy, who looked like he had just taken a stroll in the Castro (complete with Gay Pride freedom rings and sleeveless flannel shirt to show off his guns). Porn superstar Jeff Stryker was also immortalized as a movable "action figure" in the mid-2000s. And because it was anatomically correct, his doll was always erect and ready for action!

Now, are you kids ready for the Francois Sagat doll? Well-built and seriously hairy, this novelty item presents the multitalented screen stud in all his sexy glory (although his borderline menacing expression might scare you if you took him to bed and turned out the lights!). And it's just in time to promote his new release for Titan Men, Incubus 2, a sequel to his arty release from earlier this year. Fan sites are buzzing about where to buy this latest PR creation, but further research has shown that is a very limited edition (possibly one of kind!) and it might actually be a custom-made Sagat head attached to a Tom of Finland doll body. And judging by this emphatic tweet from Sagat--"No no no, I'm denying this! This is not me! I'll come up with an official one! I hate that crap! CRAP!"--this ain't no living doll. But wait! Tom of Finland has a doll too!? Playtime!

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