Jesus, what the fuck?! French porn stud and all around hottie Francois Sagat has just uploaded a statement on to YOUTUBE telling the whole entire world that he has quit porn.

After working with all the big studios like Titan Men, Raging Stallion and being on countless covers of gay porn magazines he has decided that it's time to move on to something else. Granted, Francois had been doing other projects along side his porn but I guess this video pretty much just says it all!

It's quite funny actually that he decided to let everyone know about his quitting porn in the least "porn-y" place in the world: "The Magic Kingdom" and I am not talking about the land of spewing cocks. I'm talking Disney World! Nice touch!

I fucking feel like the grim reaper of gay porn with so many hunks quitting porn but I guess this just means the door is wide open (and what gay's backdoor is not always open?) for hot new talent to take over!

We wish Francois Sagat nothing but the best in his new career path and I for one know that we will be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

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