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On a recent trip to Costa Rica, Corbin Fisher filmed a hot fourway scene with The Twins. Luca and Liam are identical twins ... except it turns out that they're not quite so identical: Luca is bi and has had sex with both guys and girls, but Liam is straight and has never had a dick up his ass.

The Twins end up on the bed with Cain and Dawson. The guys strip out of their swimsuits and Luca and Liam pick a guy and start sucking their cocks. Dawson and Cain stand back to back on the bed; Cain feeds Luca is cock and Dawsom face fucks Liam. After a few minutes, the twins swap: Liam is now sucking Cain's uncut cock and Luca swallows Dawson's cock right down to the balls.

Dawson really wanted to break in Liam and give him his first taste of anal sex, so The Twins had to swap back. Liam lubes Dawson's dick and then squats on it ever so slowly and saying, "You gotta be easy on me." (Why do straight guys always decide to sit on a cock for the first time? It's not the easiest of positions to break open your fuck hole.) The two brothers are sitting on two hard cocks. Although more experienced, Luca struggles to take Cain's big uncut cock, but as Cain starts thrusting upwards, Luca's hole opens up. He sneaks a peek at his brother's virgin ass taking Dawson's hard dick.

The Twins flip onto their backs and Dawson and Cain start fucking them harder and more intensely. Luca shoots his load first, with Cain's cock jackhammering his hole, Luca blows a big load all over his ripped abs. Dawson pounds away on Liam, until he matches his brother's load. But it's not over yet. Dawson blows his load in Liam's mouth and Cain pumps a big load down Luca's throat. And the cumshot photos are pretty hot, you're going to want to head over to Corbin Fisher to check them out.

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