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three naked guys wrestling

I love it when Naked Kombat mixes things up. I love watching the naked wrestlers over there, but watching four guys tag-team wrestling is an extra special treat. Naked Kombat's powerhouses Trent Diesel and DJ team up and go against veterans Cameron Adams and Leo Forte.

The rules are simple: use everything you've got to subdue your opponent and avoid getting your ass fucked in the end. A Naked Kombat match is a little different that conventional wrestling because the competitors actually get bonus points for things like grabbing their opponent's cock, fingering his butt hole, smacking his ass, shoving their cock in his face.

It's supposed to be tag-team wrestling, so there shouldn't be any more than two men on that mat at one time. But these guys play a little dirty, and sometimes it's three on one until the referee steps in. In the end Trent Diesel and DJ prevail and they get Cameron Adams and Leo Forte down on all fours. Facing each other, nose to nose, and kissing, Cameron and Leo get their asses fucked by their opponents. I'm not sure that's called losing, not in my books anyway. And who's that getting double penetrated? Head over to Naked Kombat and find out.

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