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It's been a little while since I blogged about the hot wrestling sessions at Naked Kombat. When I headed over there this week, I found a nice surprise - a fourway, tag-team wrestling match. Big-dicked DJ and beefy Brandon Bangs are on one team and tattooed buddies Jake Austin and Hayden Russo are on the other team.

Brandon Bangs is brand new to Naked Kombat and he's a cocky guy with a lot of fighting skills. I have to say that he's got the smallest cock in this foursome, but he's probably the most aggressive out of the lot - I guess he thinks he's got something to prove. Hayden Russo on the other hand has the biggest dick at 10 inches long and he's aiming to use it on one of his opponents' asses.

But this isn't your normal tag-team wrestling, sometimes two guys gang up on one, sometimes it's guy on guy. And there are bonus points awarded for things like fingering a guy's butt hole, grabbing an opponent's cock, slapping ass, and ripping off a guy's jockstrap. This is dirty fighting and these guys have to pull out all the stops or they'll find themselves doing dick duty in the end. And when it's all over DJ and Brandon Bangs have racked up a win. When Brandon is holding Jake's head and stuffing his cock download Jake's throat, Brandon says, "Choke on that cock, you loser!" And that about says it all. Jake and Hayden service the winners with their mouths and asses, and Hayden will have to wait for another match to use his 10-inch dick on another loser.

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