[Trailer] 21x7 - The Public Privacy of Fostter Riviera‏ from Sydney Fernandes on Vimeo.

It doesn't seem like Fostter Riviera has been around all that long, but the slender Portuguese gay pornstar has made a decision to quit shooting new porn movies and instead star in a film documentary which follows him for a year as Sydney Fernandes (his real name).

Four years of unrestrained excess have not passed by without damages. While Fostter took all the applauses, Sydney suffered from a lack of real care and closeness to his beloved ones. To change that he decides to get away from porn and from his shadow Fostter, he decided to build a private little life with a boyfriend and a house.

We wish Sydney the best of luck in his project, which you can support here. I'll personally miss seeing his talented ass and his big uncut dick in movies.

Fostter Riviera 21x7

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