If you're looking for a sex toy store that caters specifically to gay men, you may have just found it at Fort Troff. Anal douches, g-spot probes, rim chairs, ass lock balls, and many more goodies are sold here. I'm not too familiar with pricing so I can't comment on value at all. But from what I see the costs don't seem too steep. The hottest items are portrayed for us in an iframe scroll window in the main body. But if you're looking for something in particular, the left sidebar will be the place to surf. The search option is accessible by clicking on "Ask A Question", and you can get on a mailist if you like as well. I went through a good majority of the products here and I must say that it's none other than a kink lover's paradise. This business owner has done his homework and does his best to bring you quality items at a reasonable cost. He claims he keeps his overhead's low and guarantees satisfaction. Go check it out!

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