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If you're gay, hot and have a sexy body, it's only a matter a time before you make a HUGE splash in porn! You gotta show your hotness off to the world! Remember hot guys, share your heat with the rest of the gay world and we will adore YOU!

The uber-hot 25-year-old British stud, Daniel Broughton, worked as a stage manager in Blackpool. In 2007 this Brit bloke with perfect abs and chiseled face won the title of Mr. Gay UK. He had been using his heat for mainstream modelling after winning the competition.


Now Daniel has decided that his sexual heat was too much to keep his clothes on, so he has made his gay porn debut with English Lads. It's nice to see he kept it local! I knew this guy was gonna have a huge cock 'cos most Brits do! Trust me, I know about cocks, and British dudes have massive ones! Dan Broughton fucks Justin with his big uncut dick, and from the looks of it he can't get enough - and I can almost bet my bottom-dollar dildo that neither will you!

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