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Deano caught my eye on UK Naked Men this morning. And I've completely fallen in lust with him. He's a sexy package with a lean body, a smattering of chest hair, and several day's of face scruff. But I know that when I'm hanging out on UK Naked Men, I'm going to get a good helping of uncut cock. And Deano is no exception. His thick, veiny cock hangs heavily between his leg; and I love the way his long foreskin hugs and hides his shiny, lip-smackingly delicious cock head. Towering over the camera Deano peels back his foreskin and reveals that delicious crown glistening in sweat and cock juices. These kinds of shots are my favourite because they're precisely the view I'd be getting if I were down on my knees waiting to start giving his uncut cock the full service treatment. As he strokes his dick it continues to thick and stiffen, but it's not until he starts tugging on his balls that it reaches its full potential. And I'm in foreskin heaven!

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