Vladamir is making his debut on Hot Older Male, one of my favourite sites to troll for older men and hairy guys. And Vladamir offers us a special treat today. All you foreskin hounds out there are going to love Vladamir's cock. He's blessed with foreskin and loves stretching it. I've always loved uncut men. One of the first men I ever played with had foreskin and I've been on the hunt ever since. Cory had the first foreskinned cock I'd ever seen up close and I couldn't get enough of sucking his dick, rolling his foreskin around in my mouth and nibbling it with my teeth. Needless to say, Cory loved it, too. And when I saw these pictures of Valdamir stretching his foreskin, it got me very excited. I love it when uncut guys play with their foreskin, but so few of them do in gay porn shoots. Vladamir has a beautifully lean and hairy body; his nipples standing out amongst all of that fur. And as he jacks his cock, he sniffs his underwear like they're a bottle of poppers. It's not too long before he's dumping a hot, thick load of cum all over that hairy belly of his.

Foreskin Stretching


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