Circumcision Restoration. Now there's a topic. For those of us unfortunate males who happen to be the victims of this most controversial of birth rituals, apparently there are some solutions to helping you bring your natural born penis back to it's original state. Within reason of course. Some guys still have a fair amount of skin left to work with. Some don't. For those who don't, it appears as though it may be a lost cause unless they are willing to resort to surgery. I came upon this site as a result of some research I was conducting on the male genital mutilation controversy. How often do you hear that it is cruel to circumcise a male baby? Not very often. Well Circumstitions can shed some light for you if you are truly looking to restore some of your old natural foreskin. It will also help you sort fact from fiction so you know the actual realities of what can and can't be done. This is a subject of which I hold a lot of interest in and thought perhaps some of you may find it intriguing as well.

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