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Jed Wilcox gets into the UK Naked Men shower and lets us watch him rinsing off. He's just gotten home from the gym and he's sweaty. He's got a beautiful body -- smooth, muscular, and ripped. I'm especially fond of his strong and tight butt. Jed is nicely tanned, but his white butt stands right out. And what a hot, beefy butt. He'll have you wishing you were in the shower with him. I'd love to squat down, spread that amazing ass, and then, start digging with my tongue for his puckered rosebud. But Jed really catches my attention when he starts playing with his foreskin. He's got a delicious dick -- cock sucker thick -- and he starts pulling on his foreskin and showing us how far he can stretch it. And his foreskin is loose and thick, so there's plenty to chew on. When he pulls it back, it rolls in collars of skin behind his plump cock head. Cock suckers watch out, this is one superb piece of meat!

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