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I love foreskin -- adore it! Not to toot my own horn, but if you pull down your pants and I'm in the room, you're in for a very hot time. A full-service blowjob is what I call them. I love slobbering all over an uncut dick and paying particular attention to a man's foreskin -- nibbling, chewing, sucking, licking, and even fucking it with my tongue. So ... I'm a foreskin pig, you've got the picture. When I arrived at Butch Dixon this morning, I was thrilled. The site is fast becoming one of my favourite places to hunt masculine, hairy men; but when I saw Giorgio and his juicy uncut cock, I was pretty turned on. When I realized that he's featured in a whole foreskin-play gallery, I was over the moon. Giorgio has the most soulful, brown eyes, and the way he stares into the camera as he's playing with his cock is such a turn-on. Giorgio also has a well-built and hairy body, but really, his uncut cock and foreskin play session is the main event. Giorgio works over his foreskin with both hands, stretching, pulling, and rubbing it. It's so hot to watch, I could barely contain myself; and when this blog is done, I don't plan to hold back for long!

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